Developers and Builders

For developers with large-scale projects or builders with a custom single-family home, our qualified team of fully licensed electricians can make your electrical needs faster and easier for your business.

Intel Power Electric is dependable and trustworthy. You can leave our crews of commercial electricians to perform to your specs so you can focus on your side of the business.

Let Intel Power Electric make your next project more efficient with our crew of skilled electrical experts. Our services include:

  • Multi-residential/Condo wiring and installation
  • Indoor/Outdoor lighting design and installation
  • Electric fireplace/baseboard heater wiring
  • Electrical panel installation
  • Main power distribution installation
  • Sump pump control panels installation
  • Motor control panels installation
  • Fire alarm panel installation
  • Wiring for CO²/Natural gas detectors
  • Power supplies for elevators

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