Generator Transfer Switch Installation Port Coquitlam

Installing generator transfer switch is a very tough job. You need to find a highly trusted electrical company to get sure your power system will not damage during operation. We at Intel Power Electric serve generator transfer switch installation service in Port Coquitlam by setting of our licensed electricians to the projects.

If you are living in Vancouver and planning to buy a portable generator for your home, be sure to think about buying a generator transfer switch from the beginning. This issue is very important when installing the generator. As you know, a general transmission switch is a device that prevents electricity from returning to the transmission lines. Therefore, it is essential that this device has a very high level of safety

This device is required when installing the generator according to existing laws. If you do not have a power switch on your generator and the power goes out, the power may be restored to the power lines. If the electricity is restored, there is a possibility that the electricity workers will be electrocuted, in which case you, as the owner of the house, will be responsible for the electrocution. To prevent this from happening, the generator transfer switch is used. Also, the generator transfer switch prevents the additional load from being placed on the generator. In fact, using a generator switch can be considered a very wise investment to increase safety.

If you want to install a generator transfer switch in your home, contact our experts in Intel Power Electric Company. Our experts, using their knowledge and experience and tailored to the conditions of your home, will offer you the best possible option for a generator transfer switch. Due to the great variety of generator transfer suites, you will definitely need the advice to buy the most suitable option for your home.

In case of an accident, if you have used the generator transfer switch, you will be sure that the power will be cut off at the time of the accident. To be safe in the future, use our consulting services in this field today

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