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Our skilled electricians in Coquitlam are experienced in all aspects of electrical wiring and installations for home renovations. Whether you’re working on a basement suite remodel, kitchen upgrade, bathroom renovation, room addition, condo remodel, or complete interior and exterior lighting upgrades, you can trust that our work will meet the highest standards of quality.


Why Choose a Professional Electrician For Your Renovation Needs?

While home renovations and remodeling projects can enhance your home’s value and your overall satisfaction, they can also be quite stressful, especially without the right electrical services company and contractor. At Intel Power, we’ve been dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dream homes by creating electrical system solutions that exceed individual needs and expectations.

Our professional approach to designing and installing electrical wiring ensures that you can relax, knowing that we’ve considered every detail. From personalized lighting and power arrangements to ventilation and heating, we thoroughly explore all your options during the project’s design phase.


What Are Our Electrical Home Renovation Services?

Our professional electrical home renovation services encompass a range of offerings, such as:

  • Wiring Upgrades
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
  • Rewiring of Rooms or Entire Homes
  • Electrical Panels and Service Panel Upgrades
  • Installation of Lighting
  • Condo Renovations
  • Energy-Saving Upgrades
  • Interior Renovations
  • Basement Remodeling
  • Senior and Handicap Electrical Upgrades
  • Replacement of Knob and Tube Wiring
  • Remediation of Aluminum Wiring
  • Installation of New Electrical Outlets


Call Us For Safe Electrical Home Renovations In Coquitlam

Give us a call for safe electrical home renovations in Coquitlam! Your safety is super important to us. Our skilled electricians at Intel Power know how to make sure your home is safe during renovations. We follow all the rules and standards to keep things secure. We believe that having a safe electrical system is crucial, and our team is trained to check, plan, and put safety measures in place during the renovation work. So, when you pick us for your home renovations in Coquitlam, you can trust that we’ve got your safety covered.



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