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EV Charger Installation Port Coquitlam

Whether you're driving every day or setting off on a road trip, our EV charger installation service keeps you powered up for any journey. Join us in moving towards a greener future, one charge at a time! Ready to install your EV charger? Contact us now.
EV charger installation in Coquitlam

If you are looking for a reliable EV charger installation company around you, we at Intel Power are ready to install your EV charging station at your home or your business place.

The new EVs (Electric Vehicles) are already cruising along in the tri-cities region. Once you buy an electric car, your issues start as well! Finding a charging station near you while your EV vehicle batteries need recharge sometimes is difficult.

But Don’t worry. We bring the charging station to your homes! We as a professional EV charging installation company in Port Coquitlam can do your job from A-Z.

If your existing EV charger is malfunctioning we are beside you and you need just to have a call with us to come and repair your EV charger. 

EV charger in Coquitlam

Why Do We Have Best EV Charger Services?

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity due to their affordability and environmental benefits. However, many electric car owners face the challenge of finding convenient charging solutions. That’s why they search for options like EV charger installation near me.

Installing an electric vehicle charging station at home is a smart investment, providing overnight charging convenience. Fast chargers, capable of recharging in under 30 minutes, are highly desirable. At Intel Power, we specialize in tailored EV charging station installations in Coquitlam, offering high-quality work at competitive rates.


Trusted Home EV charger Installations Contractors in BC

Looking for the best home EV Charger Installation Contractors in BC? We stand out for our commitment to quality and affordability. Our reputation as the top EV charger installer in Coquitlam is built on providing solutions that meet your specific requirements while offering competitive pricing. Whether you’re interested in installing a Tesla EV charger or need guidance on the cost of EV chargers in Coquitlam, we’re here to help.


Fast & Licensed Home EV Charger Installations

Our team at Intel Power comprises licensed professionals who prioritize efficiency and safety in every installation project. Whether you’re seeking a home EV charger installation for your Tesla or another electric vehicle, our certified technicians ensure that the job is done quickly and accurately. As trusted contractors, we follow all regulations to ensure your EV charger service is not only fast but also compliant with local standards.


Reliable Partner for EV Charger Installation

Choosing Intel Power means choosing a reliable partner for EV charger installation in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. When your home EV charging station is installed by a certified installer like Intel Power, these charging stations are reliable, safe, and easy to use. In addition to the convenience of choosing when to charge, they will reduce your battery charging time to about 4 hours and will allow you to drive more gas-free and emission-free kilometres.

Although you can plug the cable into a standard electrical outlet, the recharging time is slow, averaging in at around 10 hours. However, the charge time will be significantly reduced by having Intel Power install a 240-volt Charging Station in your garage or carport. It can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Call Intel Power today for EV Charging station sales and installation today.




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