Property Management

Property Management

At Intel Power, we specialize in Property Management Electrical Maintenance services. We ensure your place has reliable electricity. You can rely on us to maintain it.
Property Management

Intel Power electric offers you a team of certified electricians who deliver everything from ongoing electrical maintenance to upgrades, to electrical services analysis. This means everything will be faster and easier with us.

We also stay in touch. Regardless of how many properties you manage, Intel Power Electric has good communications, so you always know how the work is proceeding.

Make your Strata repair jobs faster and easier with our expert services.

  • Regular maintenance to stay on top of changes
  • Upgrades to lighting facilities
  • Retrofit and rewire
  • 24-hour Hour call (when specified)
  • Analysis of current electrical systems
  • Custom electrical installations
  • Installation of A/C units, fire alarms
  • Installation and rewiring on pools and hot tubs



Property Management in Coquitlam

Property Management And Electrical Services

There is a lot that needs to be taken care of when managing a property. Whether you are a property manager or a Strata manager, a manager has to go through a list of tasks regularly to ensure better management.

According to statistics, since 2020, 45% of property managers have been more focused on client and resident dealings.

This means their time and energy are being used for residential dealing, leaving little time for matters like electrical management and repair, which have been adversely affected. But that’s not the case for clients like ours, who have hired us as their official electrical partners in property management.


How Does Our Property Management Service Work?

When you hire us for electrical property services in Tri-Cities, our team of certified electricians takes care of all electrical maintenance and repairs, along with any upgrades and electrical service analysis.

No matter if you have one property or ten, our team is trained to manage all of your properties’ electrical needs. Making managing properties easier than ever.

Our list of services includes:

  • Installation, repair and upgrade of lights
  • Installation of electrical devices and machinery
  • Regular electrical Management and Analysis
  • All kinds of electrical repair and upgrades
  • Rewiring and retrofit
  • On-call emergency electrical services

Call now to book an appointment and get a free quote of our property management electrical services for anywhere in Coquitlam, Port Moody and Port Coquitlam.



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