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If you are looking for a highly trusted electric heat installation company in Port Coquitlam and nearby, you are in the right place! Navid and his crew in Intel Power do their job at the highest level of quality and accuracy.

They can install and fix all sorts of your heating system issues. From floor heating installation to repairing any type of electric heat system.

Compared to gas, oil, or coal, electric heating systems are much cleaner and do not create any fuss. In addition, electric heating systems have a much lower installation cost and are therefore used in existing residential homes and new buildings. In many cases, the electric heating system is used as a complementary heating system for gas or oil. The electric heating system is considered an alternative option in homes.
One of the most important features of electric heating systems is that they are portable and heat the environment quickly. Electric heating is recognized as being a security system…

  • Installation of conventional electric baseboard or convector
  • Installation of the regular or electronic thermostat;
  • Maintenance, repair, or replacement of boiler with warm water
  • Installation and repair of radiant floor



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The specialists of Intel Power Electric Company have the necessary knowledge and experience to install and operate electric heating systems in different houses in Vancouver. They can repair all kinds of devices that use electric heating systems.

Over the past years, based on the demands of the citizens of Vancouver in the field of installation and repair of equipment related to electric heating systems, there is a record of performing the following activities in this regard in Intel Power Electric Company:

  • Baseboard heater installation
  • Electric heater repair
  • Baseboard heater repair

Due to the services provided to applicants in this field, a high level of customer satisfaction has been created during the past years. In Intel Power Electric Company, the most important strategy has been to gain customers’ trust by providing quality services. From their high knowledge and experience, they have tried to be able to provide the right answer to the customer’s expectations with the correct understanding of the customer’s needs, and through this, while attracting the customer’s opinion, they have succeeded in creating high loyalty in them. Customers use the various services of this company. You can also use the consulting services of this company to help you install electric heating systems in your home.

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For over 15 years, Intel Power Electric has proudly served the Tri-Cities, BC area. As your local full-service electrical contractor, we’re here for all your residential and commercial electrical needs. Contact us for help with your electrical needs.