According to the basic definition, the power factor is the ratio of real power to apparent power. Here the real power concerns lighting, heating, and rotation of the shafts, and the power is in KW, while the apparent power is the total power used by the customer and is in kVA. This is the power that a customer requires.

Power factor correction is needed to change the reactive power (the power used to create magnetic fields and is in Kvar). As apparent power includes both active and reactive power, so power factor must be maintained and corrected.

A very low or even below-average power factor can cause excessive losses in your equipment and damage them, which will cost more electricity, so you will have to correct the power factor. Now the question is, how can the power factor be corrected?

We offer power factor correction services by installing capacitors in the system.


power factor correction 1

 We also modify the system to withstand any disturbances and will also improve the efficiency of the system. These improvements will be made with less investment.

Power Factor Correction Services In Coquitlam

We at Intel Power Electric provide certain benefits to our customers for selecting our power factor correction services. These benefits include:

● In a short time, you will have your system installed with improvements and specific modifications.
● Many serious power factor issues would be eliminated from your system.
● In a small investment, your system will be updated and repaired.
● Your electrical systems will work more smoothly and efficiently after power factor correction.

We offer a comprehensive power factor correction service for your system. Your working system will be enhanced, and you will get many facilities in a smaller amount of money.


power factor correction 2


power factor correction 3


power factor correction 4


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