Electrical Equipment Upgrade & Testing

Electrical Equipment Upgrade and Testing

Electrical Equipment Upgrade & Testing

Electrical equipment upgrades and testing are essential, as faulty electrical equipment kills more than 800 people annually, and 75% of them are children in homes. These faults in electrical equipment can cause fires and shocks. According to our research, if the electrical equipment is left unchecked, faulty equipment causes many safety issues and health risks for most of the tenants of a rental property.

Therefore, electrical panel upgrade must be monitored and tested regularly. The system must be upgraded to overcome any issues. The best measure that one can take to prevent electrical hazards is by utilizing electrical equipment upgrades and testing services for safety checks and any fixtures in their appliances.


What Does Our Electrical Equipment Upgrade Service Include?

We provide such services to let you maintain your system and keep you safe from any kind of danger due to electrical faults. One can utilize such services regularly, every 15 days, to ensure that the home is safe and the electrical system is working correctly. The service we provide is according to a standard on which standard testing and upgrading of electrical equipment are based.

Here is the list of equipment services that we tested:

  • Cords and extensions are plugged into the system.
  • All equipment is plugged into the power supply.
  • Heavy-duty tools that are portable.
  • Chargers for battery
  • Various power boards and portable outlet equipment

Moreover, the electrical equipment at houses and schools must be re-tested regularly as children are involved. All the switchboards and cables must be checked for safety and insulation. We use specialized instruments for testing and safety checks. If any equipment is found to be faulty, we replace such parts, such as switches, relays, circuit breakers, lights, etc.

In short, we apply the complete 7-point safety check of the whole equipment and also a thorough safety check of the entire property. We will also provide the digital service report as an assurance to you. For all your electrical safety needs, call us.



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