Grid-Tie Solar System Installation

As you may already know that Gird-tie solar systems are connected to the electricity grid. They do not have any battery as backup equipment. This type of solar system is very cost-effective, and you will also have a neat free electricity supply facility. You will also have profit in terms of money as this solar system feeds the electricity back into the system.

Your investment in these grid-tie solar systems will pay you off quite heavily, and it will surely grant you substantial annual savings. Now the concern arises about how to install such solar systems. At Intel Power Electric we have a specialist team to install grid-tie solar systems as this is the most common type of solar system installed in homes in Canada. We offer the best service deal for the installation of these solar panels.

grid-tie solar system installation 1

Now how do we install gird-tie solar systems? Our expert team will first analyze your system and property and then design a suitable power system installation design that will be the most efficient and effective for you. Then the best machinery and quality materials will be used to install your grid-tie solar system.

We will ensure that the design is efficient as the design we will select and install will be based on the loads installed on the solar. The time duration for the usage of electricity from your solar power will also be considered. This design will be the best suited for your home and will pay off your investment soon enough.

Investment with us is a very low-risk investment as we will install the system very efficiently, and your grid-tie solar system will pay off in no time, making this whole system a win-win deal.


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grid-tie solar system installation 2


grid-tie solar system installation 2


grid-tie solar system installation 2


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