Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Tri-Cities, BC

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People usually don’t think much about their electrical panel until issues arise. Just like any other part of your home, the electrical panel can wear down over time, become outdated compared to the latest technology, or hinder other home improvement projects. Today, we’ll explore some common signs that indicate it might be time to upgrade electrical panel in Tri-Cities, BC or any other location.


Why Would You Need to Upgrade Or Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Ever wondered why you’d have to upgrade or swap out your electrical panel? Well, think of it as the spot where the electricity coming into your home splits into all the different circuits. It’s pretty crucial that this panel is in top-notch condition for your home’s electrical system to work well and be safe. There are numerous reasons you might consider upgrading or replacing your current panel to ensure it meets the right standards for functioning and safety.


Frequent Breaker Tripping

If you find yourself constantly resetting breakers in your electrical panel, it could indicate the need for a replacement. This issue often arises after adding new appliances that strain the existing electrical capacity, potentially damaging electronic circuit boards and other components connected to that circuit.


Visible Wears

If you see any visible damage or rust on your electrical panel, it’s important to replace it as soon as you can. You might want to consider an upgrade instead of just a basic replacement, depending on what caused the wear and tear.


Outdated Fuse Systems

If your electrical panel is quite old, it might still rely on fuses instead of breakers. Breakers are handy switches that you can easily flip back on in most cases to restore the circuit. On the other hand, fuses are thin bits of metal that melt to interrupt the circuit. Not only are these antiquated fuse systems less user-friendly than modern ones, but their age also makes them less dependable and safe. Consider upgrading for a more reliable and secure electrical setup.


Not Enough Electrical Outlets

Do you often find yourself reaching for a power strip because there aren’t enough electrical outlets in your home? That’s a sign that your electrical panel might not handle the extra power well.

An electrician can add more outlets if your panel has room for them. But if it can’t, replacing the electrical panel is your best option.


Overheating Electrical Panel

If your circuit breaker trips due to overheating, that’s a clear warning. But if you feel that your circuit breaker is warm or hot to the touch, it could indicate a serious issue. It’s crucial to call an electrician right away to for panel upgrade.


Rising Energy Costs

Every month, you get a bill from your electric company detailing your usage and comparing it to the same month last year. If you’ve checked the bill and can’t figure out why your electricity usage is unusually high, it might be a sign that your electrical system needs an update. Utility costs often increase gradually, so it’s essential to monitor and review your bills regularly. While some fluctuations are normal, what you should watch for is a steady, month-to-month increase in your electricity usage under typical conditions.


Lights Dimming Issue

When your lights dim while using an appliance or other high-amp item, it’s a clear indicator that your electrical system needs an update. Dimming lights signal that you’re drawing more electricity than your current system can handle. This issue often crops up in homes with older wiring or numerous outlets linked to the same circuit. Adding more high-amp appliances only exacerbates the problem. Seeking an upgrade is a practical solution to ensure your electrical system can meet your household’s needs.


Expert Electrical System Upgrade In Tri-Cities, BC

When you reach out for an electrical panel upgrade, our electricians in Tri-Cities, BC are here for you. They stay up-to-date with the latest industry advancements, improvements, and technologies through continuous training. This commitment allows us to provide you and your home with top-notch service.

In this article, we have thoroughly explained the Signs you should upgrade your electrical system. Please read them carefully. If you believe your electrical system needs attention or if your family’s need for safe and reliable electricity has changed, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can schedule a technician to visit your home and conduct an in-home evaluation at a time that suits you.