A house with a pool is like always being able to take a vacation and relax throughout the year. The pool is a place where you can relax and spend relaxing moments alone or with friends or family.

Since it is not always possible to travel during the year or the sea beaches may be very spacious with the house, having a pool in the house can be very effective in creating peace for humans.

If you are living in Vancouver and planning to buy a pool for your home and are concerned about its wiring system, you should seek the help of an electrical equipment specialist to maintain a safe pool. Otherwise, you can not relax enough when using the pool. We recommend that you contact our experts for guidance on purchasing pool electrical equipment. Also, leave the installation of pool electrical equipment to the technicians of Intel Power Electric Company. Throughout the year, our specialists can periodically repair and maintain your pool wiring.

With the professional services of Intel Power Electric Company, you can give comfort to your family members while using your home pool. In addition to wiring for the pool, it is possible to install a panel for your pool. Through these panels, you can experience a high level of control over all the electrical systems in your home pool.

Using this panel, you can easily make settings related to turning on the heater, turning off the pump, adjusting the speed of the pump, and also adjusting the motorized valves from inside your house.

Also, the electrical equipment of the pool can be used to install lighting for the pool. The lighting system is used to beautify the landscape, especially at night, and to increase safety. Proper wiring for this equipment helps to ensure long-term durable performance. You can also consult our experts for advice on the most suitable wiring systems in this field

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