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Outdated electrical systems can undoubtedly be a burden. They not only increase your energy bills but also compromise the safety of your premises. It’s definitely not in your best interest to ignore the worsening condition of the lighting in your property. If you think something is amiss, start focusing on getting a lighting upgrade. And we are here to handle the installation for you!

Haven’t you noticed that your energy bills are rising despite no apparent increase in power usage in your house? Do you feel the lighting isn’t as powerful as it should be? Are you worried about the safety of lighting in your vicinity? If yes, this is the perfect time to take matters into your hands.

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You will be surprised how a lighting upgrade can uplift the entire atmosphere of your property. You can not only enhance energy efficiency but also improve security. And of course, the updated lighting system will also last for a long time. We understand how this upgrade can be a problem for you as the work will likely disrupt your routine. And that’s we step in the picture!

Get Best Results With Minimal Disturbances

It’s our responsibility to ensure that the installation process doesn’t prove to be a hassle for you. We will complete the work smoothly and within the allotted time. Quality isn’t something you would have to be worried about either.

We have the team and equipment to install every type of lighting out there. So all you have to do is give us a call and leave the rest to us.


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Let us face it, every electrical company you will come across claims to be the best. However, finding an electrical company you can trust is no mean feat. Intel Power Electric is one of the leading electrical companies in Greater Vancouver for various reasons. Find out why we are a cut above the competition below:


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