Replacing aluminum wiring with copper wires for older homes is another Intel Power Electric service, and the cost estimate for each project depends on the size of the home, its age, and the ease of access to the building’s internal wiring. Using copper can reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

According to research, the cause of 6 percent of a house fires is aluminum wiring in old houses. After cooking and heating, aluminum wiring in old houses is the third leading cause of house fires. Also, researches show that aluminum wiring is about 55 times increase the risk of electrical fire rather than copper wiring. 

Intel Power Electric experts can eliminate the possibility of fire caused by aluminum wiring in your home in Vancouver.

The use of aluminum wiring in urban and rural buildings is very old and the reason was the high price of copper, and therefore the builders of the buildings preferred to use aluminum wiring. Hence the old buildings in Vancouver could be at risk of fire. This occurs due to the properties of aluminum, which can move and crack over time causing arcing and overheating.

Also, many electrical appliances such as switches, sockets, and lights are not currently compatible with aluminum wiring and cause corrosion of connections. If your home is one of the oldest in Vancouver, your home wiring needs to be inspected by our technicians.

We have provided many services in this field so far, and based on the plans we make from the beginning of each project, we try to replace the wiring of each house in the least time and cost. Providing quality services over the years has led to the trust of customers and this is one of our greatest honors. We value our customers’ trust as the most important asset in our business


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