For upgrading the power capacity of your home, first, you need to know the capacity of your service. Most of the households run at a capacity of 80-100 Amps. There are many reasons for upgrading the power capacity of a house. When your electrical systems show flaws, then you must upgrade the electrical capacity of your house.

If your lights flicker or your current panel is in poor condition, you must go for an upgrade. There are many benefits of upgrading your home’s power capacity. The first and foremost is safety. Upgrading the power capacity can save your house and family from many hazards like fires.

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You will have an increased capacity for using new electronic systems. You can have additional circuits and more room for various electrical connections.

Most houses need upgrades because they want to run many modern appliances and electronic devices but do not have the capacity for it, so an upgrade in power can help you install many new electrical applications.
Many houses in Canada upgrade to a 200 Amp electrical service to have the room to operate theaters, pools, and even charging stations for electric vehicles.

One of the most important things to consider is that you should upgrade your entire electrical service and not only your electrical panel. If you want a higher performance of your system, you must upgrade your electrical system as a whole, not just the service panel.

We offer service upgrade to make your home’s electrical system ready to meet the demands of modern living. We have a professional team of electricians who will work on your electrical system and give a complete estimate regarding what you will get. If you think your electrical system has a low capacity or is showing errors, contact us today!



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